Monday, February 16, 2009


Since school has started I have been so incredibly busy I hardly have time to keep my blog up to date. This is sad because, obviously, I love to blog! However, I am happy to say that my knee is finally better and I have been running distance again! That's right people... I'M BACK! The sad thing about this though is that I am missing the Ragnar Relay in AZ next weekend for no reason now (I backed out when I was injured) and it is my most favorite race EVER with my most favorite people EVER! Oh well, there's always next year... if they decide to take me back on the team (YOU BETTER WANT ME BACK PEOPLE!) But good luck to team On Your Left, I will be with you in spirit!

It's still freezing here in Chicago and I'm still stuck in the basement and at spin class for all my bike rides. I miss riding outside so much but am thankful I've built up the toughness to at least battle the cold for some outdoor runs. Yes that's me the running snowman you see outside around the neighborhood :)~ ..... yeahhhhh definitely moving somewhere warm after I'm done with grad school... and it can't come soon enough!

Last week everyone at work was sick so I picked up some extra shifts to cover for some people. I ended up getting sick and was in bed all weekend because I overdid it with work and school all day and night until 9. I crashed on Friday when I got home from work around 7 and didn't get out of bed (except to eat of course) for two days. On Sunday I got up to go to one of my BFFs Tiffany's son Dylan's first birthday party at this place called pump-it-up in Crystal Lake. I'm glad it got me up and out of the house... I needed that. But now I'm behind on schoolwork so I'm going to be busy again this week... but I'm not picking up any shifts for people anymore SORRY!!!!! I learned my lesson the hard way!

I also decided I'm doing the Wisconsin half marathon on May 2 for my first big running race of the year and to kick off my summer of training for Ironman! So excited and I really can't wait for summer and to train outdoors ALL WEEKEND, EVERY WEEKEND like we all know I love!

Time for homework and bed!