Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hannah video... and stuff...

Here's a video of Hannah practicing her commands! She is so adorable! We went to puppy training class again yesterday and she learned "down", which is like lay down.
Things have been rough here. I'm a little sad and depressed, but again, trying to stay positive!
I think we are doing a race, the Loveland Lake to Lake triathlon, on Saturday. It is an Olympic distance, except the bike is longer - 30 miles. I haven't done a tri since Lake Havasu, so I am excited. Hopefully we get there and are able to register and do the race!
I think our bike tire pump is broken because today when I tried to pump up my tires air just comes out. It's strange, but I am going to go to the rec center and swim and do a spinning video in the spin studio instead of biking outdoors. Hopefully we can get that pump working before the race!
OK time to get ready to go to the gym!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hola Amigos. I am not happy. On Wednesday I was trail running in the Mountains and tripped and fell. I was about three miles away from my car, so I had no other choice than to keep running. Both my knees were bleeding and pretty tore up, as well as both of my hands. I thought I would be fine, but Thursday it still hurt really bad and I could tell that even though i spent a while trying to clean the wounds there was still a lot of dirt stuck in them as you can probably tell from the picture. So this morning I went to Urgent Care and spent $152 to have myself checked out. A doctor and nurse tried their best to also help me clean the dirt out. The nurse spent about an hour with a sponge scrubbing. It was pretty painful... but not as bad as what was to come next. There were some pretty bad spots on my knee where I knew the dirt had dried up in my skin and made some bumps. After an hour of scrubbing, the doctor came in and, yes, he CUT them off with scissors! It was disgusting and it hurt! WHY ME! Well... so I cant swim for a few days with these cuts because 1) it would hurt like a BEEP and 2) I don't want to risk infection. So, all in all, I am pissed. I will probably still bike tomorrow, even though I shouldn't, but what the heck... I'm not dead. I will start swimming again on Monday if the healing goes well. I was also prescribed some antibiotics, but I hate them because the make me feel high. haha. I guess some people would enjoy that, but not me. I will have to take them though... much to my dismay. So Ironman training week 2 has gone to hell... but no worries... I will be roaring and ready come next week!
Hannah and I started going to puppy training classes on Tuesday. She is so smart it is ridiculous. She can already SIT and WATCH ME. It's great. The only problem is when we go outside she gets to excited and crazy and doesn't listen. I think that is just puppies though. Her attention span is short! Crate training still sucks. She hates the crate. I'm still trying though. We'll see what happens.
So the job search is still going. I am reluctant to take any position I am not completely satisfied with. I also don't want to make less money than I was making in AZ. I am in a tough situation right now trying to find a job. It is so hard. Sitting at home is not my thing and I am going a little crazy, not to mention getting depressed. Why doesn't anyone want to hire me? These are the thoughts that go through my head as I sit at home with my injuries and with Hannah all day. I'm trying my best not to get down... but it gets harder and harder each day. I pray something will happen soon.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, during my down time without a job I decided to get AFAA personal trainer certified and CPR certified. So... that's what I've been doing the past week! Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was downtown at the YMCA for 12 hours a day for the personal trainer workshop. I have to say... it was tough! On Sunday we took a written test and a practical exam where we had to teach an exercise, name all the muscles worked in that exercise, two opposing muscle exercises and stretches for those exercises. The written test was also a lot more kinesiology then I expected. Naming all the muscles and movements and joints is tough! It's like learning another language. I will find out in a month if I passed... A MONTH? I'm going to call and see if i can find out sooner :)
Last night I spent the evening at the American Red Cross downtown completing my CPR certification. It was a three hour skill session class, I had already taken the online written test. I passed that! So now I am CPR certified... anybody need their life saved?
So Brian goes to work every day and I still sit at home... it is sad! I really hope I get a job sometime soon! I am dieing! I apply for at least two jobs every day... so far I have one interview on June 30 for a personal training job downtown. But that is so far away and I am BROKE! At least Hannah keeps me company. Today I took her down by the lake and she got all wet and dirty. I had to give her a little bath when we got home. She was much more cooperative than I thought she would be!
OK back to job searching. I swam this afternoon and am going to run tonight :) Working out is also keeping me happy. Oh... and I am also doing the Colorado Relay in September. It's just like Ragnar, but through the mountains in Colorado. A girl sent a group e-mail to the Denver runner's email list I am on and I responded to it. I think it's an all girl team... what a great way to hopefully make some friends out here!

OK all for now! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hannah is here!

Nothing much is new here except that we got our new mini Aussie, Hannah, today! We drove down to Colorado Springs and met the breeder at about 11:15 a.m. Hannah slept the whole way home, then I took her to PetCo to get a new collar. The one I had for her was too big! When we got home we played with her raccoon toy for a bit and then she passed out! Puppies sleep a lot. She has found her favorite place in the living room, a small space right between the two couches where she sprawls out and takes naps! I took her for a walk to get the mail and by the lake later in the afternoon and she went potty. I was so proud.. haha! I'm just glad she didn't go in the house! I am very entertained by her when she is awake, she's so funny. She runs around playing and she looks like a tiny furball. OK... I am obsessed. Even more obsessed than before... when I used to look at photos of her on the breeder's website multiple times a day! I'm sure everyone at Ahwatukee News would say the same! I'm going to call the vet and hopefully get her in for her first check up in the next couple days. Everywhere I go people fall in love with her... I am so lucky!

Yesterday we biked up to Mount Evans... well almost! We did about an 80 mile, or more, bike from our house, up through Morrison, Evergreen and then on the road to Mt. Evans. We made it up to the restaurant at Echo Lake, which is 10,800 feet in elevation, and then I had to turn around. Four hours of biking uphill was enough for me! We had lunch at the restaurant and it was awesome. The view was beautiful and my soup and cornbread (my favorite) was delicious. The way home was all down hill, and it only took me two hours and 20 minutes. I am hurting in places I have never hurt in before though from the bumpy downhill. It was painful! I took this picture when I was about half way up!

I am getting my AFAA personal trainer certification next weekend... that is if I pass the test at the end of the three day course... and I am so excited! The class is Friday 1 to 9:30 and Saturday and Sunday 8-6. Long... but worth it. Then hopefully I can get a job as a personal trainer and start working somewhere soon! Staying home all day is BORING!

Well... the weather is beautiful, Hannah is sleeping, Brian is playing video games and I'm about to go grocery shopping and probably take Hannah out to pee a couple more times so she does ruin my carpet!

All for now!!!