Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February update!

This month is going to be crazy! My parents are in town tomorrow through the weekend to help with wedding planning, and we have our first walk through and sign for our house next week! Things have been super busy and I am really tired all the time! But everything is so exciting so it's ok! I'll be going home the first weekend in March, and then the wedding is in April. THEN Brian is doing Ironman St. George the first Sunday in May, we go on our honeymoon, then 70.3 Boulder in August and Ironman Arizona in November. 2010 is going to be busy busy, but a great year.

On the training/injury front, things are looking up! Yesterday I did my first 50 minute run since December 27th and it went great - besides the fact I was so tired and felt like I have never run before in my life - NO KNEE PAIN!!! I've been doing Bikram Yoga three times a week. Yes this has cut into my training time, but it's off season and it's worth it because it has helped me so much. As of now, my plan is to keep adding time onto my longer runs every other day or so, with recovery runs in between, as well as swims, bikes, yoga, strength, chiropractic and PT. I'm keeping my head up and a positive attitude (most of the time! I'm doing my best here!)

I've also added two masters swim classes, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and hopefully it will help my swim this year. Fingers crossed! I can use all the help I can get on the swim.

One thing I have gotten back into this week is peertrainer.com. I really like this site because it helps me stay on track with my training and diet, and I can log how I feel each day which is nice to have to look back on. I really recommend using this site if you dont have some other sort of log you like. I've used it in the past and loved it, but now that I was injured again, I really need to evaluate my nutrition and training and stay as healthy as possible.

More good news - I agreed to race for Erin Baker's Triathlon Team for two more years! A new sponsor we picked up is Oakley, which is super exciting! I am stoked to have some sweet shades instead of my old cheapos, however I always seem to loose/break any kind of nice sunglasses I have ever owned, so I will say a short prayer to God here to help me keep the new ones alive.

There is a sprint triathlon the last weekend of the month. If I am healthy again, I will be there racing. I hope I will be healthy because some fun races are coming up and I haven't had the opportunity to race Olympic distance in quite some time. I look forward to that distance, though I've never had great luck with it, it is challenging and I like that.

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